Thanks To all Our Customers!


It’s been a wonderful year – 2015. It was tough, but the Almighty saw us through especially moving to a new island based on God’s instruction to start out.

The family and entire crew of Poshmy Weding would like to thank you specially   for an amazing year. We are sincerely grateful for EVERYTHING. You entirely has made PoshMyWedding a success story in 2015, we are not where we use to be.

Thanks for your patronage – you paid our bills and put food on our table.Thanks for your enquiry – you gave us idea of what our clients taste are per time.

Thanks for the positive feedback – you let us know what we are doing right and how well to please u.

For those that have advertised for us with whatsoever medium, we say thank you.

Thanks for the negative feedback – you put us in check when we are going astray.
Thanks for referrals – you told someone to give us a try @ the expense of your reputation.We hope you were not disappointed.

We sincerely apologise for orders that were messed up in the course of delivery, I personally take full responsibility and I deeply regret the inconvenience and embarrassment.

We hereby commit to ensure we give you the very best in 2016 and beyond.


A lot of measures have been put in place to reward you, we’ll keep you posted.
So from all of my indispensable team @poshmywedding™. We wish you an amazing 2016.

Let’s  do more in 2016. 
Don’t forget to follow us on all social media platforms & keep spreading the word 

IG: poshmywedding
Twitter: poshmywedding

See you as we resume on the 4th of January. 

Thanks and God bless.

– Poshmywedding

About Poshmywedding

We are an Event Management Organization, we deal on a whole lots of diverse planning and management Services. Experience the wedding Planning of a life time! Save your time and energy for your wedding and honeymoon by booking with us at Poshmywedding & Events, a sister arm of Poshmywedding. At Poshmywedding, we plan the wedding of your dreams at any destination, and take you and your loved ones a journey of memorable value. Our services includes and not limited to: * Full wedding planning (an all inclusive package) * Wedding & Event Consultancy * Honeymoon Reservation * Wedding Vendoneering * Wedding Photography & Videography * Equipment Hire * Posh Ice * Posh chocolate Dessert & Fountain * Posh Education and Training Contact us:
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