10 Important Tips on How To Save Money on your Wedding


Without much ado, many couples are face with the challenges of how to manage their budget and finance across their wedding plans. There is a saying that “you dont need to spend too much billions, to have  such a pefect wedding”. As such, if you are among those couples who are currently getting worried about getting by their wedding plans with little budget, this piece is for you. The first step is;

1. Reduce Guest List: The peculiar nature of our society encourages elaborate wedding ceremonies and with each guest invited, the budget increases. There are people you have not seen or spoken to in 2-5 years, extended family members, colleagues, old school or club members etc, don’t feel any obligation to invite them.

2. Save on Wedding Invitations: Instead of printing invitation cards, you can decide to send messages to the close friends and family you want to invite. You could also create an invitation profile on social media and add only those you please. There are so many free online web that offer this service.

3. Shop Sales & Online Wedding Dresses: Its your wedding day and you want to look beautiful, there are bridal shops and online stores that offer sample sales of wedding dresses at prices that would not blow your budget. You could also consider saving a lot by renting a dress, remember there is a lot more to marriage than the wedding day. You can contact us, we can help with with lots of options in this area. Simple send us an email or check our site http://www.poshmywedding.com

4. Day of the Week: The conventional Friday/Saturday wedding is fast changing, you can plan your wedding into a week day to reduce crowd, save cost on almost everything from venue, entertainment etc. Someone recently went to registry on a Wednesday morning, had engagement later that evening, church next morning and used the church hall for reception at no cost.

5. Save on Church Decorations: You can use decorations in the church the way it is for simplicity instead of going all out to change everything to suit/match your preferred wedding colours. It’s the church and not your reception venue, besides your guests may not even notice or mind this during the short ceremony.

6. Get Help to Save Money: Your friends and family are people you could also rely on, don’t be shy to ask for their help. Money can be saved using a witty/well-spoken friend as MC, you also know that family or friend who is a perfectionist & could help organize things. They would be glad to assist.

7. DIY: We can not over emphasize the important of DIY, however there are so many things you can get done yourself, like bouquet, centerpieces, beaded cutlery holders, flower sprays, brooches etc. Friends could also pitch-in to help, remember to offer them refreshments while they are at it.

8. Food and Drinks: It is important that guests get entertained in the best possible way; you don’t want to have people grumbling about food/drinks during or after your wedding. Be open with your caterer about your budget, you may also decide to serve one meal but ensure its tasty & enough to go round.

9. Go Online: Funny how we go about with gadgets & never fully utilize them. There are so many things one can find online that would be of great benefit & help save a whole lot.

10. Transportation & Getaways: Cars which belongs to a friend/family can be used as means of transportation on your wedding day, or get a car hire service for same purpose. Your honeymoon/getaway location does not have to be abroad and paid for by you/your spouse, it could be your wedding gift.

We do hope you find this helpful. For further information send us your message, we wont hesitate to reply to you.


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