PoshmyWedding is an event Management Organization, we deal on a whole lots of diverse event planning and management works. our creative approach to managing your wedding at the highest detailed fashion is our utmost goal.

We provide the best services in-terms of wedding planning, you should understand that our services are provided with a torch of innovation and elegance. We therefore work in close range to make this day the best, giving you the worth for your money.

We give you that elite torch of elegance and glamor that befit your wedding. a work with that create such opulence worthy to remember in a long while. while not take a day with us to experience a new innovation at wedding planning at our office.

Our services includes and not limited to:

* Wedding consultancy

* Honeymoon Planning
* Wedding Planning (an all inclusive package; Start to finish)
* Wedding Vendorneering
* Equipment Hiring
* Wedding Photography
* Posh Education
* Chocolate Fountain & Fruits
* Poshmywedding Bridal Massage and Makeover.


Call +234-80385-27072 for further information. Our team of Poshmywedding will be available to take the hassle off your feet from your wedding.


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Follow @poshmywedding

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Email: info@poshmywedding.com


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