wpid-indian-students.jpgAt Posh Education, we provide comprehensive, certified and accredited education on Event Management, Make-up/Make Overs, Cosmetology and Nails  Technology.

Our Courses are Designed to provide participants with the opportunity to develop theoretical and practical skills within one of the most exciting and developing industries (the Events Industry). The course has been designed and is lectured by professionals who are currently working in the Events and Cosmetology Industry, who sees the benefit in investing in the future by passing on their knowledge. wpid-new-makeup-salon-studio-font-b-nail-b-font-art-font-b-technician-b-font-tool.jpg

Our curriculum focuses on practical and theoretical skills which is well respected by potential employers and is considered a worthwhile investment to start or support a career.

The course covers all aspect of major learning which includes and are not limited to:

* Wedding Planning

* Events Management


* Entrepreneurship and Business Planning

* Venue Operations and Management.

* Nail Design and Artistry

* Nail Extensions, Tips & Wraps

* Acrylic Nail Forms, Applications, Fills and Removal

* Risk Management and Business Set-up




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