After Being Engaged, What Next?

Congratulations on your Engagement!

He proposed and you said “YES!” and  you can’t stop smiling. You’re high on love and can’t stop looking at that brand-new bling if he proposed with a ring.  This is a very exciting and emotional time, and it is okay to just sit back and soak in the moment or/and jump straight into sharing the news with family and friends. Now’s the time to start visiting wedding websites, which gown to get, how many guest to invite, who and who will be part of your wedding train, checking out weddings and vendor magazines ETC 


It may appear consuming and daunting, just remember to take deep breaths and take everything one step at a time. Attempting to focus on too many aspects of the planning process at one time is what makes planning a wedding overwhelming. Relax you will get through it. The following steps we have detailed for you, to make your wedding planning a stress few one.

Step 1: If you’re having a religious and/or civil ceremony, it’s important to find out EXACTLY what the requirements are. Marriage classes, paperwork, affidavits…etc. This list can very easily get out of hand, so the quicker you know the requirement the more time you have to get everything in place. Some churches require as much as 6 months notice! (See details on getting married at the Registry.

Step 2-Work On Budget

Establishing a budget is the first most important thing to consider in planning your wedding. You certainly can’t make any decisions until you know approximately, how much money you are working with, the type of vendors you want to work with, what goes in to what and the likes. If you plan on using a wedding planner, now’s a great time to start shopping for one. But of course you have us- PoshMyWedding to help you out in every wedding details you need. Check our website to see the process.

Step-3- Note What Is Important

  Choose the first four things that are most vital to you at the wedding. Top of the list we mostly advise couples are; Food, Venue, Decor, Wedding Dress. Although individual bride may differ on what’s more particular to them. 

Your guests are important though so let at least one of your top priorities be to escalates the guest experience. Use them as a guide on where to begin the planing process. 

Step-4- Delegate


With all the considerations and decisions to make, it is very easy to get overwhelmed. You know your family and friends best, there will unarguably be people who have skills that can really take loads of work off you. Suck up your pride and delegate. You always have the final decision, but someone else can always do a little leg work for/with you. 
No doubt the wedding planing is a huge task, and something that can be daunting and tasking. We do hope this notch list helps to relieve your wedding planning process. But should in case you need additional consultation, PoshMyWedding will be right on hand to give the necessary advise. Click on the link below and get started with that call…

About Poshmywedding

We are an Event Management Organization, we deal on a whole lots of diverse planning and management Services. Experience the wedding Planning of a life time! Save your time and energy for your wedding and honeymoon by booking with us at Poshmywedding & Events, a sister arm of Poshmywedding. At Poshmywedding, we plan the wedding of your dreams at any destination, and take you and your loved ones a journey of memorable value. Our services includes and not limited to: * Full wedding planning (an all inclusive package) * Wedding & Event Consultancy * Honeymoon Reservation * Wedding Vendoneering * Wedding Photography & Videography * Equipment Hire * Posh Ice * Posh chocolate Dessert & Fountain * Posh Education and Training Contact us:
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