How To Determine Your Dress Sizes

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imageAs a professional wedding / Events planner, it becomes neccessary to help our future bride to fit in the right dress for her special day. This is so important as to put you through in knowing the right size of dress that sure fits, especially if you are going to be ordering online, for perhaps a close friend or family member might be purchasing your gown on your behalf. It becomes important that you get acquainted with this, and follow the guideline carefully.The first step is:

1. Knowing Your Body Size:

You will certainly need the followings to get started; measuring tape, mirror, pen, and a measurement book.
It is important to always have all these handy and especially at home, should in case who have a sudden surprise call from someone who might just want to surprise you with that gown of your dream.

Once this step is completd, we move to the next step.

2. Measure out Your Body Size:

With all the materials listed above ready. Now move to the mirror. Ensure its a mirror that display your complete self. Then start by measuring your bust, waist and then the hip.

imageThe picture above will guide you on how to locate each section parts of the body.

Bust: place your measuring tape across the fuller/larger part of your chest, which is your bust point. Do not make the measurement too tight or too loose. place your finger beneath the tape to make it free enough to move round the bust. Get your measurement and write it down.

Waist: Usually, the tinier part of your body is your waist. place your tape rule around the waistline, get your measurement and write it down.

Hips: place your measuring tape around the larger part of your lower body. get your measurement and write it down.

3.Types of Body Sizes.

Although they are numerous types of body sizes uses in purchasing at the market, but basically the UK and the US are the two majorly body sizes constantly use. However, although these two body sizes are often in use, not surprising that people get confuse on which sizes they are in the Uk and US dresses. For instance a US size 12 is different from a UK size 12. While a UK size 12 falls in the medium body size category, the US is much more on the large body size category.  So make no mistake while purchasing either online or in store to confuse these sizes.

The Zagora Women’s body size chart in my opinion is the best body chart display for all body sizes. It appears to be the accurate and with lots of good reviews. So i advise u save a pic on your phone or somewhere you can easily get it handy when the need calls.

4. So whats My Actual Body Size?

You have now taken down your measurements right? All you need to do is look at this chart and find out where your bust, waist and hips fall. You could be a small, medium, large, x large sizes. Still confused? Ok, let’s do an example with the help of this chart below. If my bust is 36. waist is 29 and hips 40, what is my size? use this chart:

imageI just looked at the chart and found out that my measurement falls in the medium category. So, am a medium, UK size 12, US size 8 lady. Am sure it’s clear now.

Now, what’s your dress size?

We hope this helps. We will be right available to assist with any of your inquiries, leave us a message or call today!

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