Beginner’s Guide to Getting The Right Ring- 2

Know Your metals

Now that you have gotten familiar with the different types/design style of the engagement ring, the next step is to get familiar with the type of ring you intend to purchase.

The preferred metals for engagement ring settings over the last years have include such precious stones as gold, platinum and palladium.  Only untill recently the wave and love for Silver Metal, because of there durability and sensitivity to the skin. Although, Silver and other soft metals are not strong enough to survive years of wear, but they can be replated when you notice certain change and dullness. However, taste you have,  its essential to look out for the very best that suit your pocket.

Gold is an extraordinary metal, which in its pure form never tarnishes. Pure gold, however, is too soft to secure a diamond.

For engagement rings, choose 18- or 14- karat gold. Yellow gold is mixed with white alloys and plated with rhodium to create white gold. White gold yellows with time and needs to be replated. There are also other gold options, like pink gold.

Platinum is stronger than gold and is less likely to split or lose a prong with normal wear. Platinum is the jeweler’s metal of choice. It is 30 times rarer than gold and 95 percent pure. Needless to say, it’s the pricier metal.

It is important to add that, rings often have two points of weakness namely:
**Their bands can thin and split, and their prongs that secure gemstones can become loose or break off. To avoid losing a diamond or your ring, have your engagement ring checked by your jeweler once a year.

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In the spirit of love, wish you happy Valentines! Kisses and love. 💕💕💘❤

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