Wonderful Theme Color For Your Wedding

Wedding colour and themes are as old as time, the trend continues today, seeing couples and wedding planners build themes around certain colour groups certainly is not uncommon. The right colour combination is certainly a personal choice that sets the tone and vibe of your ceremony.

We have gathered an assortment of color hues from the lightest to the darkest shades and their meanings, to give you.


Indulgent shades of pink…(The Pink Family)

Soft Pink, Dusty Pink & Blush: This shade represents spirited romance, often associated with fresh love and all things beautiful

Fuchsia & Magenta: This shade is a strong contemporary representation of feminine energy.

Coral & Dusty Rose: This shade represents vivacity. It works well with many shades, including blue, brown& gold


Ivory & Champagne: This shade represents refined elegance and charm. Ivory is a great alternative to white and works well with every colour.

White:  This shade is represents innocence, purity and fertility. White is timeless and also works well with most colors.


Indulgent shades of blue…(The Blue Family

Aquamarine: This shade represents bloom and effervescent. Aqua marine goes well with hot pink/fuchsia/magenta.

Navy Blue: This shade represents masculinity. Navy is the impeccable colour to integrate into a nautical theme. This ultra-preppy colour is a great alternative to black.


Ocean an inspired shades of blue….

Sky Blue: This shade represents trust and faithfulness. This colour fosters a relaxed and productive ambence.

Turquoise: This shade represents peace, tranquil and healing. Lighter shades of turquoise have a feminine appeal and foster vigor and happiness. Blends nicely with silver.


Minty shades of green…

Sage, Olive & Green: These shades represents growth and new life. They remind us of nature, these hues can be paired with both bright and subdued colours.

Lime & Mint: These hues are calming and rich. It relieves stress and creates a tranquil atmosphere.


Color Inspiration…( The Orange Family)
Peach: This shade represents charm and finesse; it’s also soft and very feminine. Lovely with navy blue and crisp white

Orange & Burnt orange: This shade represents harvest. Orange looks fantastic with brown or copper


Colour Inspiration ( Purple, Lilac, and Champagne Gold) 

Purple and Lilac pair excellently together like a fine wine and cheese, while champagne gold is a perfect neutral metallic shade for that added that luxurious glow. 

Purple represents royalty, wealth prosperity and influence. 

Lilac represents delicate femininity. 

Gold arouses feelings of luxury, taste, warmth and culture.

Lavender: This shade represents delicate femininity. Best incorporated in garden settings.

Raspberry & Mauve: This shade represents novelty and royalty. This particular shade is stylishly-chic, mainly when paired with other complex shades.

Purple & Plum: This shade represents wealth prosperity and influence. It is urbane and extravagant.


Sunny Yellow with Rays of Gold

Yellow: This shade represent positivity and assurance. Yellow is 100% exciting. The possibilities to be explored with this colour are limitless

Gold, Antique Gold and Mustard: These shades arouse feelings of luxury, taste, warmth and culture. It can be blended with almost every colour.


Cranberry Red: This shade represents passion and love. This exciting hue can be used to create numerous look. Red looks gorgeous with champagne, greys and greens.

Burgundy: This shade represents courage, strength and, action. It’s darker hue is better suited to lighter colour combinations .

Neutral tones inspired by love….

Black: Yes black. This shade represents power and elegance. This is definitely one for a daring couple and it works well with every colour.

Silver: This shade represents rich history, it is also very up scale and elegant. It flirts with almost every colour.

We do hope we have been able to help you choose right on the perfect theme color you will be using at your wedding.

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