How To Involve Your groom/fiancé In Your Wedding Plans !


A close friend of mine mentioned that planning her wedding has become very difficult. Her fiancé was not responsive at meetings and often seemed bored. She then went on to say how lucky I was to have my husband overseas while planning our wedding. The latter is not true. I told her that Military brides are not lucky and it often becomes painful to plan your own wedding. So, here are some rule to follow while planning your wedding with your hubby to be:
1. Be appreciative first and foremost. There are brides out there who have to plan their wedding on their own. It is important that you appreciate every moment of being engaged to your partner. Imagine having your fiancé right by your side at every vendor meetings. One important mistake most soon to be bride makes is the assumption that only the bride has the say in the wedding plan process. Interestingingly, most groom felt left out, which sometimes leads to disagreement. Some grooms explains in a personal survey I concluded narrating their experiences that  comes with planning their with their partner. While 55 percent of the grooms were excited, explaining that it was all  fun for them involving in the whole planning process.
2. Include him where it counts! Guys are interested in certain things. At almost every meeting there will be something that he is really interested in. Meeting with the venue today? Have him head to the bar to try your signature cocktail! Doing the registry tomorrow? Let him scan and pick out the knives and BBQ set! Going to the baker next week to choose your wedding cake? Let him choose the flavors and sample the new popular beer flavor! One groom said to me that, he still reminisce with his wife of the various meetings with their wedding planner.

3. Give him tasks to complete and report back to you with. Another thing that grooms like to do is plan the honeymoon! So, give him full control of this. It will make him feel invested besides the feeling of only investing money. Other tasks can include picking out the menu and planning the rehearsal dinner. These are tasks that progress can easily be tracked and also have definite deadlines. This makes it easier for you and includes your fiancé.

Overall, it is important to include your husband to be. After all, it is his day too, just as it is yours! Making him feel like he is a part of this creation will only reap good rewards.

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